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Stepping Away From Substance Abuse With Sobriety Support

Our goal at AFAR is to provide safe recovery homes for addicts and alcoholics. We offer a residential environment that is free of drugs and alcohol, and we offer employment opportunities and daily living tasks for a stronger transition to a healthy, sober lifestyle. We do all that we can to give those who have completed a rehabilitation or detox program a better chance at living a life free from substance abuse. Learn how you can help.


Recovery Homes

Our recovery houses offer sober living in the Burlington, New Jersey, area with support from housemates who are also going through the recovery process. We provide transportation to and from meetings and outpatient facility appointments. All meals are provided for our residents. We have an outreach source for finding employment opportunities and computer access is available for job searches, locating meetings, and recovery resources.

Responsibility & Accountability

We require those living in our houses to assist with daily chores and responsibilities. Residents learn how to manage a home and live independently so they are better equipped to thrive in the real world. Our homes provide the safe environment needed for those new to sobriety. Residents are able to focus on their recovery without the pressures of negative influences and financial concerns. We instill a spirit of cooperation and inspire individuals to grow in the recovery process. We offer scholarships on an as-needed basis for residents who need financial assistance.

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Cost Of Stay

Residents who comply with the regulations of the house and remain active and contributing members of the household may stay as long as needed. Our weekly rental cost is based on a sliding scale and is capped at $120 per week.

Housing (men)


Housing (women)